Ultimate Addons for Elementor: the complete review!

Do you know? Ultimate Addons for Elementor ? It is a premium plugin that will allow you to add 28 new widgets within the builder elementor page.

Let’s discover together the widgets it offers!

And if you want more, discover these 20 plugins ofadd-ons for Elementor.

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The widget Info Box

Widget Info Box - Ultimate Addons

Thanks to this widget, you will be able to add info boxes for your visitors. You can set them to get different designs.

Example of a Info Box

The widget Modal Popup

Modal popup

With the Modal Popup widget, you can create intuitive windows with conversion-oriented messages. Thanks to the setting options, you can get various animations on a button click, an image, a text, etc.

modal popup
The animations of the Popup

The widget Dual Color Heading

Dual Heading Widget

Thanks to the Dual Color Heading widget, you will be able to enrich the possibilities offered by the title widget. You can design your title with a color duo, a font duo, background images etc. You can imagine what you want and it will be possible in a few clicks.

Dual Heading
Examples of possibilities for your titles

The widget Before and After Slider

Before After Slider

You must have seen this nice effect before!

With the "before-after" widget you can display 2 versions of the same image. The internet user will simply drag the cursor to compare both versions.

It’s ideal if you have a beauty/ makeover blog for example or if you’re working on the web and want to show your feedback from sites or logos.

Widget Before-After
Example of image "before-after"

The widget Advanced Heading

Advanced Heading

This widget will allow you to create more eye-catching titles visually. You can add separators, lines and icons. There are also other options for betting.

Advanced Heading
Example of Advanced Title

Multi Buttons widget

Multi Buttons

Thanks to the Multi Buttons widget you can create better calls to action with creative button styles.

You can create rounded buttons with different options like colors, typo etc.

You can also add an icon and animation effects.

example of Multi Buttons
Here is an example of "Multi Buttons"

The widget Fancy Heading

Fancy Heading

The Fancy Heading widget permmetra gives you great annimation effects of a part of your titles.

You can add a hit or slip effect.

The photo below does not reflect the reality and the animation is frozen there.

Fancy Heading

The widget Content Toggle

Content Toggle

You can insert the Content Toggle widget to allow your visitors to switch between two types of content.

It is ideal if you have several versions to offer for a price chart for example.

Content Toggle
Example of Content Toggle

The widget Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

If you use the extension Contact Form 7, you can easily integrate it with this widget. You can also get a very design form.

Contact Form 7
Example of integration for Contact Form 7

The Gravity Form Styler widget

Gravity Form Style

If you use Gravity Forms as a form extension, you can also easily integrate them.

integration of a Gravity Form Form
Example of integration of a Gravity Form

Business Hours widget

Business Hours

You can easily display your opening hours in a stylish way by adding the Business Hours widget.

Widget Business Hours

The Google Map widget

Google Map

Use Google Maps widget to add several locations in the same map with location support, adding custom markers etc.

You will find several options to customize the appearance of your cards.

Google Map Widget
Example of a Google Map

The widget Image Gallery

Image Gallery

With this widget, you can create a gallery of images with a laying layout and add filters to facilitate the sorting and ranking of images.

Bonus: add links to each image!

Image Gallery widget
Example of an image gallery

The widget Price List

Price List

Using widget Price List You can, by simply drag and drop, display a price list to create menus, catalogues, a product list or any other featured items list.

price list widget
Example of a price list

The widget Price Box

Price Box

One rate box is ideal if you offer multiple services at multiple rates. You can display, in a very visual way, the rates and the conditions of your services. The look is beautiful!

pricing-box widget
Example of a tariff box

The widget Table

widget Table

With the widget Table, you're gonna be able to show superb paintingseven very complex. You can merge cells, add drop-down lists and more!

table widget
Example of a "complex" array

Video widget

widget video

The widget Video will allow you to insert a video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo by easily customizing the “s thumbnail to one”, the play button and more.

video widget
Example of a video appearance

Video Gallery widget

widget video gallery

The widget Video Gallery allows you to display several videos that can be read in a lightbox.

You can add filters so that users can easily find videos assigned to a category.

You can also add filters to your videos.

vedo-gallery widget
Example of a video gallery

The Woo Add To Cart widget

woo add to cart

Adds pretty "impacting" buttons so that users want to add the product in their basket. The widget Woo Add To Cart allows you to increase your conversion rate.

widget add-to-cart

Widget Woo Categories

woo categories

With the widget Woo Categories, you will be able to display your product categories in a very design way. There are many display options.

product-catgorie widget
Example of category display

The Woo Products widget

woo product widget

The widget Woo Products allows you to display products from your Woo Commerce store from a "very seller" angle. You can decide the info to display and even create a carousel of several products.

woo product

The Timeline widget

timeline widget

One Timeline allows you to create a Content chronology. You can create a timeline for your CV, for pictures, for your latest articles etc.

timeline widget
Example of a timeline

The widget Post Grid

post grid widget

Ideal if you want to customize your blog entries. Let's just say that widget Post Grid allows you to change the appearance of your list of items. You will have several parameters to help you customize your posts.

Post design
Example of a post design

The widget Caldera Form Styler

calder formr

Caldera Forms is a very powerful form plugin. It allows you to do ALL! If you use it, you can easily integrate your forms and customize their appearance.

caldera form widget
Example of integration of a Caldera Form

The Hotspots widget

hotspot widget

I love this feature of Hotspots, and you will love it too.

This widget allows you add clickable points to your images.

So you can tell your internet users important information. It is ideal if you want to promote a product from your WooCommerce store.

hotspot widget
Photo example "hotspot"

Marketing Button widget

button marketing widget

This widget allows you to insert highly customizable buttons. The idea is to increase conversion. Hence the notion of “browsing button”.

widget marketing button
Example of using a "buton marketing"

The widget Particle Background

particle background widget

I really love this feature! You'll be able to add « animated particles » as a background or on images.

These particles may be changed to infinite. It can be snow, stars, constellations, dead leaves etc.

You can also customize animation, direction and speed.

On the image below, you don’t really see it but hearts are animated and fly away... Ideally, you should see it live to admire the rendering 😉

particle background widget
Example of "particle background" in the form of heart that fly!

The Countdown Timer widget

countdown timer

This widget will soon be available. I'll introduce you soon.

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