How to install Elementor Pro on your WordPress site?

So you finally cracked? You decided to invest in a pro license? In this article, discover quickly how to install Elementor Pro on your WordPress site.

Just a few minutes.

Then you'll be able to benefit from all benefits of this version of the page buider.

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Ready to go to the top speed?

Go! *

Step 1: Get one Elementor Pro

elementor pro new rates

At first, you must acquire a Pro licence. For that, you just have to surrender on the official page* and choose the license that suits you best. Then proceed to payment. In this stage, your account will be created.

Step 2: connect to its account and recover the pro version of the builder page

step 1: connect to its account

To recover the Pro extension, you will have to connect to your account.

If not already done, you can access it from the homepage by clicking on « My Account » (located to the top right) or by making you on the login page directly.


During this step, you will need to fill in your login credentials and then click on LOGIN

Download Elementor Pro

Once connected to your account, you will find it in the tab MY ACCOUNT Your license information:

  • The type of plan you chose
  • The license API key
  • The renewal date
  • Number of active licences

What interests you here is to click on DOWNLOAD PLUGIN (the green button). So you go. launch the download of Elementor Pro on your computer.

Step 3: install Elementor Pro

The previous step allowed you to recover the plugin. Don't disappoint this archive, you're gonna need it that way.

Please note: You must install Elementor Pro on a site where the free version is already installed. Both operate in parallel.

install the plugin

Here is the procedure to install Elementor Pro on your WordPress site:

  • 1 - Go to tab Extensions ≡ Add
  • 2 - Click on it Upload an extension
  • 3 - Click on it Browse... and choose the from the previously downloaded plugin. The name must look like:
  • 4 - Click on it Install then wait a few seconds
  • 5 - Activate the extension

Step 4: validate the API key

connect the license
  • 6 - Once the extension is activated, you will see a message at the top of the screen. Now you have to activate your license. Click on it CONNECT & ACTIVATE
  • 7 - You'll be redirected to a screen, click on it CONNECT
  • 8 - Validation has been taken into account and you get the status ACTIVE
  • 9 - A last message is displayed to confirm that your license has been activated.

Discover here the guide for start with the free widgets of Elementor.

Step 5: Enjoy pro

access to pro layouts
access the widget pro

As soon as you activate your Elementor Pro license, you will be able to enjoy its resources and features.

You will be able to access all Pro layouts (uploaded on page) as well as all Pro widgets to build your pages.

These are not the only benefits of the Pro version.

Important: Elementor is a registered trademark. This site is independent and is not sponsored by Elementor. Some links in this blog are affiliate links. This means that if you buy products that I have recommended (and tested), the brand will reward me with a commission, it will not increase the price of your basket because it is the brand that supports this pay. For more transparency, affiliate links are followed by an asterisk (*). Example: I'm glad you're here. / I'm glad you're here.

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  1. TaxyDriver

    One can disappointed by this article that I thought relevant to the functionality of this plugin and that is actually an incentive to download it! And nothing more! Too bad!

  2. Elementips

    Hi, TaxyDriver. I understand what you mean, thank you for that remark...

    However, I would like to clarify:

    1 – The theme of this article is "how to install Elementor Pro on its site? » and not "how to use Elementor Pro? ». It is therefore certainly for this reason that you did not find what you were looking for 😉

    2 – today, this blog has only 5 days and counts only 5 articles. It’s really little, but other articles will be published regularly and of course you’ll find tons of resources to help users use Elementor. Many tutos are in anticipation. Each widget of Elementor will be passed “to the screening” 😉

    3 – I don’t agree with you about the relevance of this article. For me, when I installed Elementor Pro on this blog, I asked myself the question: should I disable Classic Elementor? I figured it could help other people who want to move from Elementor to Elementor Pro. Hence the initial theme of this article.

    I hope you will soon discover the next articles?

    Good weekend 😉

  3. Anna

    Super article, I actually needed a little boost to switch from the free version to the activation of the PRO extension.
    I couldn't find the .zip 🙂
    Thank you for the precious time gained!

  4. Anthony

    I bought the pro version for my site (I already have the free version). I downloaded the .zip file (elementor-pro-3.2.2) but impossible to install it on my WordPress. I upload the file, click " Install Now" and after a few seconds, I have the following error message: "A critical error occurred on this site. Please refer to your site’s mailbox for more information. »
    Of course I don't get any mail. The Elementor Help Center does not respond... Have you ever met this problem?
    In advance, thank you!

  5. am

    Good night.
    I pass in pro and I can’t connect and activate Elementor Pro to my site: SOS 🙂
    The last bugs!
    » DATa License & Key License: EMPTY »: what to do please?

  6. Yannick

    Very effective article, I have only 5 minutes to set up Elementor Pro on 2 sites under WP.
    Thank you!-)

  7. Jean-Philippe


    I have a multi-site wordpress account and an Elementor pro account for 3 sites.
    No problem to activate it on one of the sites, however on the 2nd, when I click on “connect and activate” I have this wordpress error message “Sorry, you don’t have permission to access this page. "

    The Elementor FAQ assistance indicates:
    "If you get an "URI error of invalid redirect. Try to reconnect, or any similar message “Earth occurred”, when you try to activate Pro, please access Parameters General and check the URLs that are listed there like your WordPress address (URL) and site address (URL). Both URLs must be exactly the same. If they are different, you can get this error. »
    If this is well connected I don't find the " Parameters raised general" they're talking about...

    I imagine it must be all stupid but I block... Can you help me?

    Thank you.


  8. Isabelle

    Hello! I just bought the pro license of Elementor and when I want to upload the zip file that exceeds the size allowed on WordPress. Would anyone have a solution (fully awesome and liberating)? A thousand thanks in advance! Isabelle

  9. Elementips

    Isabelle, you should contact your host to increase the size of your imports.

  10. Elementips

    Sorry I'm late, I hope you've found it since?

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