13 good reasons to choose Elementor

Elementor is a page builder for WordPress who knows a swelling never seen before. Even if the recent Gutenberg, integrated into WordPress, allows you to build your pages with greater ease, you must have noticed that it was not yet a very pushed tool.

So if you discover WordPress, you will quickly realize that you need one page builder, that is, a tool that allows you to create "advanced" layouts. You'll be able to add bricks by slippery-deposit, without any code knowledge!

Pssst : discovers also the Free Elementor Guide.

If you don't know what builder page to use, discover the 13 reasons why you should choose Elementor:

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1 - Elementor is free

This is certainly the reason for his success. Elementor is a freemium plugin. This means that you can install it for free on your WordPress site, directly from the tab Extensions ✱ Installer.

Unlike other builder pages like the Divi Builder or Visual Composer which are only available in a paid version, Elementor stands out and offers free version, already enough to create great layouts.

2 - This builder page knows a Crazy success!

Elementor was launched December 2016. This is the "last-born" page builder for WordPress. In less than 3 years, he managed to conquer WordPress users and already counts more 2 million active installations!

To give you an idea, Yoast SEO, one of the most used WordPress plugins in the world, count 5 million active facilities while it was launched about 8 years ago...

3 - Des hundreds of add-ons to enrich the builder page

Since this builder page has a resounding success, many developers have embarked on the design d’addons pour Elementor.

These addons are features that are added to an existing plugin. These are plugins for a plugin.

And precisely, Elementor has a considerable number of addons that aim to enrich the existing features of the builder page.

Most of the time, these addons add new widgets that you can use to build your layouts.

4 - It is compatible with many WordPress themes

Elementor is almost compatible with all WordPress themes. However, it integrates perfectly into certain themes that are officially recommended.

You'll find the theme Hello, theme Ocean WP, theme Astra*, theme Hestia and many more.

Discover here the list of all WordPress themes perfectly compatible with Elementor.

5 - He doesn't leave No trace after deactivation

Here is a builder page rather "clean". Indeed, if one day you decide on Disable Elementor from your site, for one reason or another, you will not be obliged to clean the traces that a page builder can leave.

Indeed, Elementor is the only builder page that does not leave shortcodes on your page after deactivation. And that's pretty cool.

6 - Widgets very useful

In its free version, Elementor already embarks several very relevant and useful widgets.

Widgets are the small modules you place within your page when you build it.

At the most there are widgets available, at the most you will find what you need to get a "cannon" page.

7 - Personalizations to the infinite

When you insert a widget within your page, you will see that there is a battalion of customization options.

This means that you can set each module/widget as you wish. And of course, without any competence in terms of code.

You can change the fonts, colors, sizes, animations etc...

8 - One community unprecedented

It's crazy like a free tool can also bring the community to a boil.

This allows premium themes to embark a free builder page, bloggers to launch a blog without ruining and developers to create addons to show their skills or start a new business.

In short, many people gravitate around this freemium extension...

And most importantly, as it is widely used, you will not have trouble finding help (support, forums, colleagues etc.)

9 - A feature of Theme Builder

Elementor is a « builder page », but the pro version of the plugin offers a feature « builder theme ».

That is to say that until then, you could build a page than a “content” level. Since version 2.0 of the extension, you can now also build the header and footer of your site thanks to Elementor Pro.

It was never seen, it was very expected, and Elementor did! Look at this video:

To learn more, read carefully this official article*.

10 - Des layouts downloadable

This is not new and many builder pages offer the feature to download a pre-built layout.

Even if the free version doesn't give you a lot of choice, you'll find in the pro version beautiful layouts ready to be inserted into your pages. One click! Then you can change the images and the texts.

This feature allows you to save time, but also create a page with professional design.

11 - A library models

As the layouts to download in 1 click, you can also use the library of models to save your pages, sections or modules to reuse them later.

Thus, you will save time and keep a harmony of design within all pages of your site.

12 - A review of yours shares

That's pretty cool! Have you ever recorded a brouillon and regretted it?

La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Revision functionality allows you to go back on many actions within your page. That way, you can choose the versioning you prefer.

13 - Easy. to take control

Evidently, this also contributed to the success of Elementor: Its ease of grip!

This builder page is Inuit and easy to use. His experience of real-time construction allows you to see directly the changes you are making.

Power « drag-and-drop » modules and setting them on the fly is easy to understand from the first use. Even for beginners.

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