How much does Elementor Pro cost?

What is it? Price of an Elementor Pro licence? Is this a license that can be used on several sites? Should we pay every month or year? And is it worth it?

In this quick article, I decorate for you all the plans of Elementor Pro licenses.

1 - Why pass Elementor Pro ?

AlthoughElementor either a free and powerful plugin, Elementor Pro – as for him – is one premium extension and therefore pay.

(Discover here the guide to start with free Elementor)

You can be fine. build your site with free version but know that you won’t find all the features we’re waiting for on a page-builder.

It is certainly for this reason that there is a whole battalion d’addons pour Elementor.

However, you have to keep in mind that addons freemiums that you will find on the official directory extensions were developed by third parties. This may have consequences over the long term, if these third-party plugins are no longer maintained correctly.

It is certainly for this reason that many users prefer to bet on addons of the official brand and which are included in the pro version of the plugin.

2 - Elementor Pro Licence Price: 5 plans available

Like most premium extensions, Elementor Pro is proposed under 5 types of licences.

Therefore, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Unfortunately, the proposed plans are quite limited:

  • you cannot pay monthly: each license is sold for a minimum year.
  • there is no LIFETIME offer: plans are offered as an annual subscription. No opportunities to acquire life licence.

All licenses offer the same functionality and duration: 1 year of updates.

The difference is made in the number of sites where the license is active and the type of support.

Plan Essential

$ 59 per year
  • 1 site
  • 1 year of MAJ
  • 1 year premium support

Plan Expert

$ 199 per year
  • 25 sites
  • 1 year of MAJ
  • 1 year premium support

Plan Agency

$ 399 per year
  • 1000 sites
  • 1 year of MAJ
  • 1 year premium support

3 - In which case choose the Plan Essential ?

The plan Personal is the first premium plan proposed.

For $59/year, you can use Elementor Pro on a single WordPress site.

Don’t try to install the plugin on another site, you can’t activate your API key.

This plan is ideal if you create a WordPress site for your business or want to launch a blog.

4 - In which case choose the Plan Expert ?

The plan Expert, for him, will allow you to install Elementor Pro on 25 WordPress sites maximum.

The plan Expert is ideal if you start creating freelance WordPress sites.

With the New Elementor Pro Pricing (2023), this license can be installed on only 25 sites, while with the old pricing you could install up to 1000 sites for the same price... Too bad!

This plan will cost you about $8 per site per year (for 25 sites).


5 - In which case chosir le Plan Agency ?

The plan Agency Well bear his name!

It's a long way from the time you're smiling to close the ends of the month. Now that you have your own agency web and service providers or employees, you will have to equip yourself with this license!

Thanks to her, you'll be able to see install Elementor Pro on more than 25 sites and up to 1000 sites !


On the other hand, it is not given, but you will quickly amortize it!

This will cost you about $0.40 per site and per year (per 1000 sites).

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6 - What happens if we don't renewal not The license?

You must have wondered what will happen after a year if you have decided not to renew your license...

Don't panic!

The renewal is automatic but you can easily stop it from your account.

If you decide not renew your Elementor Pro licence, this is what will happen:

  • site will always work.
  • You can always create new pages with the premium widgets on the builder page.


  • you can't more update the plugin.
  • You won't benefit not new features or bug fixes which are implemented during updates.
  • you can't more contact the support If you have a problem.
  • you can't not transfer the plugin on another site (because at the time of activation, your API key will be invalid).

In my opinion, agencies and freelances have every interest in renewing their license every year.

On the other hand, for a “little blog” where it is mainly the writing of articles that prey on creating new pages or for a showcase site whose design is already done, it is questionable.

Some users decide to renew their Pro license one year in two: so the license costs them twice as much as expensive and the plugin is still updated.

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  1. Nick

    I finally found the answers to my questions about elementor pro!!! Bravo for site 🙂
    However, I have a question about the API key and the reuse of the plug in. You explain that if we take the essential subscription 1, we will not be able to reuse it for any other site, but at the bottom in “the counters” on the non-subscription, you indicate that we will no longer be able to transfer the plug in (I understand:” that we can still transfer it?)
    Thank you for your information

  2. Didier

    I just took a pro subscription but for use I’m not satisfied. Is it possible to get reimbursed. There are not 48 hours I just subscribed.

  3. Elementips

    Hey, Didier. Yeah, I think you can get paid off without a problem. Contact Elementor, you still have a few days.

  4. Fontanay

    Can we change plans during the year and how?
    For example, I start with 3 sites and realize that the activity works well. Then I move from a plan 3 Advanced sites to the Expert plan 25 sites during the year?
    Technically how?
    Thank you for your return

  5. Myriam

    Hello, If I take a subscription to a site and if I install the extension in localhost, could I then migrate to remote server without license concerns?

  6. Elementips

    Yes Myriam, there’s no worries, you can.

  7. Elementips

    Yes Thierry, you can upgrade when you want, directly by changing your membership from your Elementor account.

  8. Chris

    Hello, if take option 25 sites, that I mount a site on a host A and that I associate it with an Elementor license, what happens if I migrate this site to another host? Do I lose a license or then I migrate it with the site?

  9. Elementips

    No you can migrate and only 1 license will be recorded 😉

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